My Experience at The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern

The Waterfront is known for its freshly made food, spectacular service, and a beautiful view. I have worked here for 7 months and I can guarantee, we strive for nothing but satisfaction. Our job is to attend every customer with respect and achieve your satisfaction with our establishment, service, and of course the product we are serving.

Our menus highlight seasonal American cuisine that includes USDA Prime beef and fresh day-boat seafood.  With a focus on the freshest foods of each season, our culinary team allows the ingredients to speak for themselves.  Every detail is appreciated in everything we do.

Servers and our culinary team go through extensive training to make sure that we serve the highest quality product to you with the best service you have experienced during each visit.

Our maintenance staff works hard every day to make sure each our property looks clean and elegant.

I have eaten here many times off the clock as well, and the food never seems to be anything less than amazing. 10 out of 10 recommend you take a visit to the #1 ranked restaurant in La Crosse

E- Newsletter Info!

An Email- Newsletter or also an e-Newsletter can result in some of the most effective advertising. Whether it be for an organization or for small businesses. An e-Newsletter is an emailed newsletter on a regular basis. It goes over the upcoming events, the new promotions, new additions and much more all within the organization. If the newsletters are popular enough they can sell advertising slots for other companies.

I’m going to compare some different softwares that you can use to create an effective e-newsletter…

To summarize my findings, you could benefit from any of these applications. They all have different features you could benefit from. If you are a small business owner, you are going to want to keep it nice and simple and at the lowest cost possible. I personally would choose MailChimp. I feel it is easy to use and it’s free until it is $10 a month. They offer so many templates to create the most effective email newsletter.

A Different Way to Interact With Your Customers

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to effectively to communicate information to potential customers without boring them? People skip over ads on the radio, go to a different channel when a commercial comes on, on TV, billboards don’t hold a lot of information. So what’s left? An Infographic!


  • An infographic is an image that displays charts or diagrams to represent specific information or data. Normally it is a long picture describing something into detail while keeping it exciting. It’s important for marketing since many people scan something and move on if they aren’t intrigued. With an infographic, they open it to find a sheet of color and excitement that intrigues them to read more. As marketers we want something that grabs people’s attention.
  • An Interactive Infographic is an infographic that simply has links imbedded into the image/ information. Some benefits in making your infographic interactive is your viewers get so much more information!
  • I picked this topic for my infographic so Western graduates have a better chance of being hired out of college. Employers don’t always see how unique Western Technical College is and I wanted to help them realize it.


So, if you are looking for a way to create an effective advertisement. I recommend an interactive infographic. They are fun and filled with eye ccathcing inforamtion.

Now, I challenge you to make a interactive infographic. Here’s some links that will help you get started!

And here’s an example I did!



Want an Effective Blog? Try this!

There is a lot of information needed in blogs sometimes, but you need to know what is absolutely necessary for your target audience to know. Here are some websites that will better describe how you should choose content for your blog.

22 Tips For Creating Great Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

This website will help you learn how to look at who is looking at your blog who read it, and who stays on the blog for how long so you can get a better idea of who to target and what information to provide to that group.

I really like this website because I feel it provides great information about creating an effective blog. It gives good tips and explains the tips so you can understand them.

How to Write Great Blog Content

This website has great content within itself. It has over 10 options and sections for you to go to a different site within and learn about exactly what you need to know about that topic.

Key Tips For Creating Effective Blog Content

This website gives you easy to read solid information. It also has a .net extension, which originated meaning the website was related to networking technology. In modern day many businesses across the globe use it as a domain. It still is trusted more than a .com website since .com is commercial.

Content Marketing- Why Blogs Matter & Are Effective Today

I liked this website because it helps describe why blogs are important to marketing. Especially if you have no idea why you’re doing this it will help you gain a better understanding so then you can fully generate great content to put in your blog because you will know why it matters!

I added this website in here because I feel it can help answer some of the simple questions you have about writing an effective blog. Just think if you use the wrong format, or text, you could potentially lose viewers.

I hope these websites help you gain a better understanding of how to create effective content for your blogs!

Magazine Paid Media Advertising


A magazine is a form of advertisement in which you can pay to place your advertisement within and have people nationally recognize you.


  • Being able to display higher quality photos.
  • Many magazines target certain demographics


  • Very expensive
  • You are required to have your ad in 4-6 weeks ahead of time. Which decreases your chances of reaching customers in a timely manner.
  • Your ad will most likely be surrounded by many other companies such as yours. Making it very difficult to stand out.

AIDA Model:

A: It may be hard to seek attention since you are going to be surrounded by other businesses such as yours. But it will be easy to have your target market see it.

I: If you do reach their attention, that means your ad grabbed their interest.

D: They will want to look further into your product

A: Hopefully go to your company and purchase your product.

Target Market:

Advertising through a magazine is beneficial because you can target everyone. Everyone reads magazines and it’s easy to chose which magazine your target looks at most.

Target Market for Western Marketing Program:

  1.      Which target markets do you think this media would effectively reach and why?
  • I feel it would effectively reach all since you can adjust who specifically see’s it.
  1.     What would be an effective type of message/goal and why?
  • “Higher education at a cheaper price”
  1.      Provide an example of how you might use this media to reach one of the target markets.
  • Put an ad in “Cosmopolitan” magazine. Teenagers- 50 year olds read cosmo. You would effectively reach the most people through that advertisement. It would mainly reach 18-

What did you learn that surprised you about this media?

I guess I never really thought about the whole process and forgot how inconvenient the timing would be for advertising since you need to have your ad submitted 4-6 weeks in advance.


What do you think is the biggest misconception?

People think that magazines aren’t that effective.

Paid Media

Definition: Social Media Advertising is a form of advertisement where you promote a product on a social network in hopes that people will share their interest in the product to increase exposure.

Advantages: You can create an account that people can follow where you can expose your product/products for free. It’s easy to reach your target markets too because if they are interested they will come to you and follow you. Since so many people have social media accounts you reach such a large number of people compared to other advertising.

Disadvantages: Providing advertisements could cost from 1,000 to 20,000 in one month. Updating your accounts can be time-consuming and stressful if you have multiple accounts. You may have to hire someone to do it for you. Which would make the process not entirely free. You don’t want to be too annoying with advertisements where you lose followers/customers but you need to still expose your product. People can post negative material under your promotion. You could be hacked.

AIDA Model:

Attention: Gain their attention by having a catchy and interesting advertisement

Interest: If you catch their eye they will click on the link to see more about the advertisement. Coupons catch people’s interest because they are always trying to save money.

Desire: If all goes well they will want to be a part of the advertisement; Buy the product, join a club, donate, etc.

Action: They will go through with everything and purchase the product, join, donate, etc.

Targeting: Social Media is mainly for teenagers and people in their 20’s. With the exception of some sites such as Pinterest and facebook. If you want to target teenagers and the younger generations you should advertise on twitter, Instagram or snap chat. But if you want to target an older generation you should post on sites such as facebook and Pinterest.

Western Marketing Program:

  1.  This could effectively reach all targets of non-trads, transfers, and high school students.  I would say it would mainly affect transfer students and high school students because they are the target that is mainly on social media and will see it more. But if there was to be an advertisement on facebook I think some nontrads would look at it and it could catch their attention and interest to come to Western.
  2.   An effective message could be to put on twitter or snap chat how great college is and show fun things that we do while learning to get them interested in coming to western.  
  3.  Make a facebook post about westerns marketing program doing something fun.  

Surprising Fact: How much companies actually pay to advertise. Facebook gets paid $36 million a year.

Biggest Misconception: People think it doesn’t cost as much as it does.


Earned Media

  1. Trying to get as many people as you can go to one website while still ensuring it comes up relatively first in a result to a search.


  1. Some advantages of SEO is it is mainly free to figure out how you need to get to the top of the search. It can also help with business growth by securing a good online presence
  • Some disadvantages are that ensuring your site comes up first is very time-consuming. There is also no guarantee for good rankings.


  1. Attention- The more you work to get your website to at least the second page of a google search the more people will see and go to your website.

   Interest- Need to gain interest by finding out what people need to see the most out of your website and figure out how to make sure your website comes up, so people can see it.

   Desire- Basically like interest make sure you find out what they want to see in a website and ensure it’s on your website so it’s there when they type it into a search engine.

    Action- Going through the process of making your website as efficient as possible so it ranks higher on a search.


  1. This media is reaching anyone and everyone. Anyone who uses the internet would be within a target market.


  1. A. SEO is so broad you would have to narrow it down to a certain website. If I were focusing on westerns marketing website and typed “information on western technical college marketing program” then it would reach high school students. But other wise SEO is so broad because it helps with every website
  2. Ensuring you get the best results with your website, trying to get it the highest you can in the rankings of search results.
  3. To make sure high school students saw my website I would put things on my website that I know high school students look up regularly. So it pops up in the search results for them.


  1. I learned what search engines focus on in websites to get the best results
  • Words Matter- if you search up carpet cleaning, it will narrow the results to all websites with that info on it.
  • Titles- Search engines focus on titles because most of the time it summarizes what the website is about


  1. The biggest misconception is that google is the only reliable search engine and that you don’t have to pay for it.

Promotional Tools

  1. “App” is short for application. It is a software program mainly for mobile devices or online purposes.
  2. Advantage: Many positives to using an app. They are arranged on your mobile device or desktop so you can open them with one click. They are very convenient.  You don’t have to open up the internet to look up the website. All of the information is condensed on that application. Disadvantages: You get annoying pop ups that if you accidentally click on them you will leave the app and open up the internet. Most apps that aren’t games and even some games still require the usage of your data.
  3. A- To gather someone’s attention for a new app. The best way to advertise that would be by word of mouth and have people tell about how great it is and show their friends how useful it is. I- This would make them interested in the app and want to go get it. D- Have people show them how it helps save them trouble. A- showing them what the app is called and helping them get it.
  4. Apps normally target anyone with a mobile device or that that has a desktop.
  5. A. For the Western marketing program, I would target high schoolers. They are the most populated segment coming to college. Along with being on their phones the most. They would see it more and hopefully get intrigued. B. “Guaranteed a bright future upon graduation” C. I would have someone young get it and show their friends in high school the Western Marketing App.
  6. In the year of 2016 there were 140 billion apps downloaded just through the Apple app store.
  7. That apps are used for only games.

What the Heck is an “App”?

My Experience at Western Tech

I chose to come to Western Technical College and be in the Marketing program here because I knew that I could get my associates in 2 years while getting the full college experience. I heard about Western from a friend back home. She said she was coming here and showed me some pictures of the college and the dorms here. I thought it looked really interesting so I made an appointment to come take a visit. I fell in love with the campus. After being here for over a year, I absolutely love it. It has fulfilled my expectations and more. One thing I really like about Western is the class size. I like how there is a maximum of students is approximately 25 students. I came from a high school with that size of classrooms, so it’s nice to still be in my comfort zone a little. The instructors are also amazing.  They truly want all of their students to succeed and will help them any way they can. The library is a great resource, I go there all the time and do my homework. They have multiple people there to help you use those resources as well. I have taken multiple classes that have taught me so many things I know I will use in my future.

Classes I have taken:

  • Beginning Composition
  • Software Apps for Business
  • Economics
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Written Communication
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Oral/ Interpersonal Communication
  • Math with Business apps
  • Intro to sociology
  • Selling Principles
  • Marketing Principles
  • Orientation to Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Promotion Principles
  • Marketing Financials
  • Marketing Communications
  • Project Management
  • Product Management

like my classes, I realized I don’t want to go into direct sales in marketing. So it was nice I learned that early on. I’ve also realized that Kwik Trip is a big deal in Marketing and I didn’t know that before. I have a short term goal for this semester and it is to get good grades in all of my classes. I will work hard to study and turn in all of my homework on time. For my future, I’m still figuring everything out. I know I want a job somewhere in Sports Marketing, possibly get a management position. I will graduate in the spring of 2018 and begin searching for a career. Here is one of my favorite quotes that will get me through my hard times in college and life in general as I strive to achieve my goals…

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll be successful” –Eric Thomas

Effective Presentations

I have never been the best at presenting. I think it’s because I never had all of the information I really needed. For this presentation, I planned ahead to gain information about the topic and got very familiar with the subject. I also figured it was easy enough for everyone in the group to have access to it so we should do it on google slides. That way I could share it and everyone could help create it. Being in front of a crowd was never too hard for me. I did get nervous and then I would talk really fast. So for this presentation, I told myself I was going to slow down. Take my time when I spoke to the audience. After I slowed down I felt I had more control in my presentation.

In our Presentation Zen book, I learned that you need to be in control of your presentation. There are many steps in doing so. You need to think outside the box on a piece of paper. No internet or other people to distract you from creating something truly yours. Then you would need to figure out how you’re going to present it, who you are presenting to, and what you should say to make them feel intrigued in your story. From one presentation to the other I feel I made it more personal, and more relatable as Presentation Zen told me to do. By doing this my audience was intrigued by my story.

To continue giving successful presentations, I will remain being more prepared with my subject and learn everything I can about the topic. I will also become engaged with my audience and give them a story they can relate to. Give them something so that they don’t think it’s just a boring presentation.