Social Media Marketing 101

If you own a business or work for a business with no social media, I hope this blog post helps you out. Social Media Marketing is a must for businesses. In today’s society, people check their social media accounts at least twice daily. It’s completely free to set up and promote!


I recently just developed a social media marketing plan with some group members for a local consignment shop in La Crosse. We started by creating business personas. Those are basically making a fake profile of what we think the target markets life is like. For example, this is what one would look like.

The plan then moved into goals and strategies we had to better Elite Repeats social media platforms. We determined our main goal would be to create brand awareness for Elite Repeat. We thought some strategies for this would be to update and revamp Elite Repeats Facebook page and Website. We would do this by posting more content on there and updating all of her information on both.

Elite Repeats Facebook and Website was inactive until my group came along. Here are some examples of the things we have posted for the business.

We followed our viewer’s likes, comments, shares, and views. Looking at these KPI’s we were able to determine what time of day was the best time to post, what kind of posts were most liked by viewers, and what posts had the most views. We analyzed as weeks went on and determined what was best to post and what time.

I learned a lot from this project. At the beginning of the term, I had no idea what a KPI was and now I know it is one of the most important components of social media marketing. It has helped me for my personal future in the sense that this might be something that I need to do in my future career. I learned how to make captions clever based on the picture and how to post something that viewers want to see.

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