Social Media Marketing 101

If you own a business or work for a business with no social media, I hope this blog post helps you out. Social Media Marketing is a must for businesses. In today’s society, people check their social media accounts at least twice daily. It’s completely free to set up and promote!


I recently just developed a social media marketing plan with some group members for a local consignment shop in La Crosse. We started by creating business personas. Those are basically making a fake profile of what we think the target markets life is like. For example, this is what one would look like.

The plan then moved into goals and strategies we had to better Elite Repeats social media platforms. We determined our main goal would be to create brand awareness for Elite Repeat. We thought some strategies for this would be to update and revamp Elite Repeats Facebook page and Website. We would do this by posting more content on there and updating all of her information on both.

Elite Repeats Facebook and Website was inactive until my group came along. Here are some examples of the things we have posted for the business.

We followed our viewer’s likes, comments, shares, and views. Looking at these KPI’s we were able to determine what time of day was the best time to post, what kind of posts were most liked by viewers, and what posts had the most views. We analyzed as weeks went on and determined what was best to post and what time.

I learned a lot from this project. At the beginning of the term, I had no idea what a KPI was and now I know it is one of the most important components of social media marketing. It has helped me for my personal future in the sense that this might be something that I need to do in my future career. I learned how to make captions clever based on the picture and how to post something that viewers want to see.

What’s Your Personal Brand?

Personal Branding is how you build yourself up to look for others. Specifically respected coworkers and employers. It’s creating strong physical content they can see and also building up your self esteem and knowledge to know how to behave in getting a job and having one.

During my Personal Branding class. I developed skills and created a plan for my future. To start off in the course I needed to figure out who I was, what my strongest skills were and what my goal was. You learn about soft skills and learn what yours are and how you can most positively implement them into your career path. I did a SWOT on myself to find out who I really am and what I can use and what I can work on.


  • Motivated
  • Positive
  • Energetic
  • Balancing Life
  • Logical


  • Unorganized
  • Decision Making
  • Confidence


  • Other graduates going into my career
  • Not getting the job desired out of college


  • Become more organized and manage my time more efficiently
  • Going through internships that will help me prepare for my future
  • Job openings

I determined my career goal was to be in sports marketing and potentially work for a professional sports team in their marketing department. Next was creating a plan for how I’m going to achieve that goal.  I figured the best way to do this would be for me to gain experience in my field of work. By interning for semi-pro teams and working in any event planning type setting.

I of course can’t just submit a lazy resume and cover letter to anywhere so I need to make myself known and build up the skills to create the best resume and cover letter of them all. I have done a lot of things to build my personal brand since i started college. In my first semester of college, I created a personal website. On it described me and my accomplishments and some samples of work I have done. From there on out I have created a personal business card, different forms of content, a personal logo, created a LinkedIn account so employers can see what I have done and what my goals are, created a resume and learned how to create a strong cover letter.

I feel that all of these little accomplishments were big ones. They all made me who I am today and they all helped me find out what I want to do in life and helped me gain skills I wouldn’t of had before. Some of them took a lot of time to finalize and made me a more hard working, patient person. The skills and content I created during my time here at Western and especially in this Personal Branding class. Make me confident to know that I will succeed in anything I decide to do in my future.

Why You Should Start Building Up Your Resume Today!

Building your resume while in school is so beneficial in many ways. Employers are looking for you to be experienced and involved. If they see you have experience going into that related field you are going to have an advantage over a candidate who doesn’t. Certificates also make you look more qualified for jobs. You could get a google analytics certification, different research certifications online, obtain different licenses based on what you’re going to school for and what your future career will be. Getting an internship is a great way to gain personal hands-on experience doing what you want to in the future.

For my resume builder, I chose to do an internship with the consignment store Elite Repeat. I chose to do this internship to get experience in a self-owned and ran business. I felt the tactics and strategies I learned there would help me in my future. I helped the owner with everyday tasks running a small business.

I worked at Elite Repeat once a week for about 3-4 hours. This was an unpaid internship while working 2 jobs and going to school full time, it’s really all I could fit into my schedule. When I went in I would help I helped sell clothes, put clothes away, price clothes, how to effectively put out displays and we even brainstormed together on clever captions to put with photos for her Facebook page. I have learned so much through my time here that I will take with me in my future.

I accomplished learning multiple things here such as what to position certain things that are in higher demand and how to market them. I learned how to interact with a different market of people. I’m proud of these accomplishments since I gained more knowledge then I had before and now have a better competitive edge over other applicants for jobs. I did encounter a few challenges during this internship. My boss was very stubborn and close-minded. I was trying to help her reach a new younger target market and the ideas I had, she would just shut them down and not take them into consideration. Although she was very inflexible with my ideas, I learned how to overcome situations working with a boss such as this one.

Right now I’m in a retail management class at Western. I feel that I learn things in both settings that I can apply to either class or work. I use the skills I learn in my retail class to interact with customers at Elite Repeat. In all of my courses really at Western, we discussed the 4 Ps of Marketing. Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. In my internship, I really got the opportunity to bring this topic to life. Getting to experience hands-on knowledge of all of these.  

From this internship I gained a lot of experience in running a small business, different pricing and placement strategies, promotional tools, more customer service experience and the chance to work with some different people. The benefits are that I received so much knowledge that I know will help me in my future career. I learned how to better communicate with a different age range of customers so I think that will really help me in my future connecting with a broad spectrum of people. From working here and having my boss kind of let me take the reins on some things, I think it helped me gain more self-confidence and made me feel that I was appreciated for my work. It really helped a lot to gain this confidence, so now it won’t be so hard to talk to potential employers and other people I need to communicate with.