7 Secrets to Retail Success

I found an article that went over certain tips and tricks to make your store look more appealing to customers.

#1 Make windows shine

Within the article, it tells that the store is more eye-catching if you put up window displays. Using a single color scheme could gain more customers attention. Stores in malls could incorporate this by putting outfits together and having cute decorations that are all the same color coordination. This will attract customers to your store by thinking the products displayed are special.

#2 Make an arresting first impression

Having a display up front that catches their attention is key. Some stores such as Sam’s Club promotes their specials as soon as you walk in. Having specials available to taste or try would be a crucial to gaining a customers interest in a product or the store in general. Walmart and Festival could incorporate this tip into their layout by having samples in the areas of product purchase.

#3 Steer customers to the right

Customers usually prefer to walk counterclockwise around the store. For example: having an appealing attraction to the right as soon as you walk in such as a flower stand would be a great way to draw a customers attention to the right.

#4 Lead them somewhere

Using the end of an aisle to promote what’s in that aisle. It’s drawing them into all the other options you might have. At dicks in the power aisles, they will have things on display where you can find more in-depth products within the aisles. They also have things that are eye-catching. When you walk in the store you can see above the whole store what department is which and when you get closer your attention will be grabbed to what they have on display.

#5 Have an angle

Most stores create there layouts parallel to the exterior walls. This article says to push them at an angle to make almost an arrow towards what you want your customer to really go after such as a back wall display. Within the article they said to only do this display if your store has enough room for customers to easily pass. I personally don’t believe this method would be effective since it might be hard for customers to navigate around.

#6 Create breaks

A break in a long aisle would help gain customers attention to go down another aisle or to take a break from looking at the same thing. Target, for example, could do this by putting different items on clip strips that aren’t in the aisle but closely related to the products within.


#7 Offer “hugs”

People are attracted to round or U shaped areas. Putting up a rounded sign or an area that is surrounded partially would invite customers in like a “hug.” Any retail store could really incorporate this into their store. By creating a U shape in a back wall it will be inviting to customers. Make a display of all your different pastries in the bakery department or a U shaped display of fruits or vegetables.

Overall I feel that local retail stores could really benefit from these tips. To be successful you need to have eye-catching products and displays. With this being said I believe that the most beneficial way to achieve more customers would be to add more visuals. Make your window appearance visually appealing then wow them when they walk into the store with another display. Some people just have certain products out on display but I think the most effective one would be to put out samples (ex; food or mannequins with whole outfits.)

Tice, Carol. “7 Layout Secrets of the Big Retail Chains.” Entrepreneur, 17 June 2012, www.entrepreneur.com/article/223808.