The Future Face of Shopping Centers

This article basically explained what the future of shopping centers is going to look like. The article explained how shopping centers are going to expand or change altogether. They believe that shopping centers will be turned into establishments that blend better into the community. These new urban centers will include; apartments, wide variety of restaurants, office spaces, gathering spots and social settings. As well as increasing cultural activities such as art exhibits, band shells for concerts, museum programs, and other cultural activities.

Since shopping centers are dying out, local shopping centers can use these tips to gain more attention to their centers. For example; Valley View Mall can possibly incorporate a movie theater into their scene or a band shell where they can have local small concerts. It would gain more attention to the mall and draw in a wider customer base

The overall benefit of adding more features and more urban spaces into our shopping centers now would be that you would gain a higher customer base and drive a higher revenue.

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