A/B Testing for Newsletters

During my 3rd semester at Western Technical College, I took may classes that helped me significantly prepare me for my future. I took;

Project Principles Management- Developing a project, planning it, and learning the steps to have an effective event.

Marketing Financials- Learning the basics of accounting a business does. Learning about things such as income statements, manufacturing costs, promotional costs, etc.

Product Management- Developing the skills to be able to target the correct market for a product, learn what promotions would be effective for that product, positioning statements, etc.

Software Apps- In this class we learned and reviewed different software programs that marketers use every day.

Marketing Communications- Lastly, I learned in this class so many valuable tools that I will use in my future. We learned how to create; an effective logo, brochure, infographic, PSA and what I’m going to be talking about on this blog, Newsletters.

In my marketing communications class, we learned how to create a newsletter. My group and I did ours on “The Top 10 Best Places To Eat At In La Crosse.” The purpose of this newsletter was to inform the tourists of La Crosse or new students coming into the area, the best places to eat in La Crosse. We gave a list of what we thought would be the top 10 places to eat at in La Crosse. We based our ranking on quality of food, service, and price. We gave a short description of the restaurant and at the bottom of the section, we gave a link to each of the restaurant’s websites.

We chose to use the software MailChimp. Mail Chimp provides templates for you to create a newsletter and sends out an email to all of the selected subscribers. MailChimp is a really easy software to use. Here is the link to the website to learn more about MailChimp. https://mailchimp.com


Mail Chimp also makes it really easy to use A/B Testing. A/B testing is basically where you send out two campaigns. You just change things within the campaign. For example; my group and I changed who it came from, the subject line, and the content seen in the email. It worked out perfect because we liked two different subject lines and didn’t know which one would be more effective.

In the first newsletter, we emailed to students our subject line was, “Delicious Food, To Fit Your Lifestyle,” with the content line “Check out the top 10 places to eat in La Crosse!” Coming from “Western Marketing.”

In the second newsletter we emailed out, our subject line was, “Need new places to try for a night out?” With the content line “Check out this list of The Top 10 Places to try in La Crosse!” Coming from “Western Technical College”

After we sent out the A/B tests we determined from our data that the second newsletter we sent out was the most effective. We sent it to 40 people both times. On the first send out we had an open rate of 25%. 10 people that we sent our newsletter to opened it. With a click rate of 2.5%. On our second send out we had an open rate of 37.5%. That would mean 15 people opened our newsletter. We had a click rate of 7.5% with 3 clicks. So clearly we were more successful with our second newsletter. We decided with the atmosphere La Crosse has, the subject line changing was what determined our percentage in opens rising.

You can check out our newsletter in my ‘Samples of Work’ page. Or at this link!


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