Don’t forget about the others!

We already told you guys about the top 10 places to eat in La Crosse, but what about the 79 other restaurants we left out?

I’m going to tell you about some of my favorites.

  • Flipside- Flipside offers a sit-down restaurant as well as a bar scene. It is perfectly priced and has reasonable hours. The food is excellent and fits any taste bud you have! Family environment or a great place to grab some drinks with the guys.
  • La Crosse Family Restaurant- Nothing too elegant, which is perfect! Want a cheap meal with some friends? Great place to go! Super cheap and awesome food! I waitressed here for about 6 months and the staff is so friendly and helpful. As a customer, you are always the first priority.
  • North Country Steak Buffet- This place is a sit-down buffet, and it has everything. Starting your meal off with your choice of steak, shift down the line to get some salad, (pasta or leafy) then go down to your greasy food like chicken, french fries, mini corn dogs, etc. Keep going and there’s a taco station! Of course, we can’t forget about dessert. They offer ice cream, brownies, cheesecake, cookies, etc. The restaurant is filled with great food and great service.
  • Grizzly’s- Their location is technically in Onalaska, but not that far of a drive! They have fresh rotisserie chicken roasted right in front of you! Food is served to perfection. And service is always amazing. Very attentive.
  • Great Wall- The best Chinese in the area hands down. I love coming here when I get that Chinese food craving. I always get my favorite chicken lo mein and crab rangoon. Good tasting crab rangoon is hard to find in the area. Great Wall nails it!
  • HuHot- This restaurant is Mongolian grill. Pick out everything you want in your stir-fry dish and they grill it right in front of you! Very cheap and service is great!

Not a lot more options but are definitely worth trying!


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