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An Email- Newsletter or also an e-Newsletter can result in some of the most effective advertising. Whether it be for an organization or for small businesses. An e-Newsletter is an emailed newsletter on a regular basis. It goes over the upcoming events, the new promotions, new additions and much more all within the organization. If the newsletters are popular enough they can sell advertising slots for other companies.

I’m going to compare some different softwares that you can use to create an effective e-newsletter…

To summarize my findings, you could benefit from any of these applications. They all have different features you could benefit from. If you are a small business owner, you are going to want to keep it nice and simple and at the lowest cost possible. I personally would choose MailChimp. I feel it is easy to use and it’s free until it is $10 a month. They offer so many templates to create the most effective email newsletter.

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