A Different Way to Interact With Your Customers

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to effectively to communicate information to potential customers without boring them? People skip over ads on the radio, go to a different channel when a commercial comes on, on TV, billboards don’t hold a lot of information. So what’s left? An Infographic!


  • An infographic is an image that displays charts or diagrams to represent specific information or data. Normally it is a long picture describing something into detail while keeping it exciting. It’s important for marketing since many people scan something and move on if they aren’t intrigued. With an infographic, they open it to find a sheet of color and excitement that intrigues them to read more. As marketers we want something that grabs people’s attention.
  • An Interactive Infographic is an infographic that simply has links imbedded into the image/ information. Some benefits in making your infographic interactive is your viewers get so much more information!
  • I picked this topic for my infographic so Western graduates have a better chance of being hired out of college. Employers don’t always see how unique Western Technical College is and I wanted to help them realize it.


So, if you are looking for a way to create an effective advertisement. I recommend an interactive infographic. They are fun and filled with eye ccathcing inforamtion.

Now, I challenge you to make a interactive infographic. Here’s some links that will help you get started!




And here’s an example I did!



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