Magazine Paid Media Advertising


A magazine is a form of advertisement in which you can pay to place your advertisement within and have people nationally recognize you.


  • Being able to display higher quality photos.
  • Many magazines target certain demographics


  • Very expensive
  • You are required to have your ad in 4-6 weeks ahead of time. Which decreases your chances of reaching customers in a timely manner.
  • Your ad will most likely be surrounded by many other companies such as yours. Making it very difficult to stand out.

AIDA Model:

A: It may be hard to seek attention since you are going to be surrounded by other businesses such as yours. But it will be easy to have your target market see it.

I: If you do reach their attention, that means your ad grabbed their interest.

D: They will want to look further into your product

A: Hopefully go to your company and purchase your product.

Target Market:

Advertising through a magazine is beneficial because you can target everyone. Everyone reads magazines and it’s easy to chose which magazine your target looks at most.

Target Market for Western Marketing Program:

  1.      Which target markets do you think this media would effectively reach and why?
  • I feel it would effectively reach all since you can adjust who specifically see’s it.
  1.     What would be an effective type of message/goal and why?
  • “Higher education at a cheaper price”
  1.      Provide an example of how you might use this media to reach one of the target markets.
  • Put an ad in “Cosmopolitan” magazine. Teenagers- 50 year olds read cosmo. You would effectively reach the most people through that advertisement. It would mainly reach 18-

What did you learn that surprised you about this media?

I guess I never really thought about the whole process and forgot how inconvenient the timing would be for advertising since you need to have your ad submitted 4-6 weeks in advance.


What do you think is the biggest misconception?

People think that magazines aren’t that effective.