Paid Media

Definition: Social Media Advertising is a form of advertisement where you promote a product on a social network in hopes that people will share their interest in the product to increase exposure.

Advantages: You can create an account that people can follow where you can expose your product/products for free. It’s easy to reach your target markets too because if they are interested they will come to you and follow you. Since so many people have social media accounts you reach such a large number of people compared to other advertising.

Disadvantages: Providing advertisements could cost from 1,000 to 20,000 in one month. Updating your accounts can be time-consuming and stressful if you have multiple accounts. You may have to hire someone to do it for you. Which would make the process not entirely free. You don’t want to be too annoying with advertisements where you lose followers/customers but you need to still expose your product. People can post negative material under your promotion. You could be hacked.

AIDA Model:

Attention: Gain their attention by having a catchy and interesting advertisement

Interest: If you catch their eye they will click on the link to see more about the advertisement. Coupons catch people’s interest because they are always trying to save money.

Desire: If all goes well they will want to be a part of the advertisement; Buy the product, join a club, donate, etc.

Action: They will go through with everything and purchase the product, join, donate, etc.

Targeting: Social Media is mainly for teenagers and people in their 20’s. With the exception of some sites such as Pinterest and facebook. If you want to target teenagers and the younger generations you should advertise on twitter, Instagram or snap chat. But if you want to target an older generation you should post on sites such as facebook and Pinterest.

Western Marketing Program:

  1.  This could effectively reach all targets of non-trads, transfers, and high school students.  I would say it would mainly affect transfer students and high school students because they are the target that is mainly on social media and will see it more. But if there was to be an advertisement on facebook I think some nontrads would look at it and it could catch their attention and interest to come to Western.
  2.   An effective message could be to put on twitter or snap chat how great college is and show fun things that we do while learning to get them interested in coming to western.  
  3.  Make a facebook post about westerns marketing program doing something fun.  

Surprising Fact: How much companies actually pay to advertise. Facebook gets paid $36 million a year.

Biggest Misconception: People think it doesn’t cost as much as it does.