Earned Media



  1. Trying to get as many people as you can go to one website while still ensuring it comes up relatively first in a result to a search.


  1. Some advantages of SEO is it is mainly free to figure out how you need to get to the top of the search. It can also help with business growth by securing a good online presence
  • Some disadvantages are that ensuring your site comes up first is very time-consuming. There is also no guarantee for good rankings.


  1. Attention- The more you work to get your website to at least the second page of a google search the more people will see and go to your website.

   Interest- Need to gain interest by finding out what people need to see the most out of your website and figure out how to make sure your website comes up, so people can see it.

   Desire- Basically like interest make sure you find out what they want to see in a website and ensure it’s on your website so it’s there when they type it into a search engine.

    Action- Going through the process of making your website as efficient as possible so it ranks higher on a search.


  1. This media is reaching anyone and everyone. Anyone who uses the internet would be within a target market.


  1. A. SEO is so broad you would have to narrow it down to a certain website. If I were focusing on westerns marketing website and typed “information on western technical college marketing program” then it would reach high school students. But other wise SEO is so broad because it helps with every website
  2. Ensuring you get the best results with your website, trying to get it the highest you can in the rankings of search results.
  3. To make sure high school students saw my website I would put things on my website that I know high school students look up regularly. So it pops up in the search results for them.


  1. I learned what search engines focus on in websites to get the best results
  • Words Matter- if you search up carpet cleaning, it will narrow the results to all websites with that info on it.
  • Titles- Search engines focus on titles because most of the time it summarizes what the website is about


  1. The biggest misconception is that google is the only reliable search engine and that you don’t have to pay for it.