Promotional Tools

  1. “App” is short for application. It is a software program mainly for mobile devices or online purposes.
  2. Advantage: Many positives to using an app. They are arranged on your mobile device or desktop so you can open them with one click. They are very convenient.  You don’t have to open up the internet to look up the website. All of the information is condensed on that application. Disadvantages: You get annoying pop ups that if you accidentally click on them you will leave the app and open up the internet. Most apps that aren’t games and even some games still require the usage of your data.
  3. A- To gather someone’s attention for a new app. The best way to advertise that would be by word of mouth and have people tell about how great it is and show their friends how useful it is. I- This would make them interested in the app and want to go get it. D- Have people show them how it helps save them trouble. A- showing them what the app is called and helping them get it.
  4. Apps normally target anyone with a mobile device or that that has a desktop.
  5. A. For the Western marketing program, I would target high schoolers. They are the most populated segment coming to college. Along with being on their phones the most. They would see it more and hopefully get intrigued. B. “Guaranteed a bright future upon graduation” C. I would have someone young get it and show their friends in high school the Western Marketing App.
  6. In the year of 2016 there were 140 billion apps downloaded just through the Apple app store.
  7. That apps are used for only games.

What the Heck is an “App”?