Effective Presentations

I have never been the best at presenting. I think it’s because I never had all of the information I really needed. For this presentation, I planned ahead to gain information about the topic and got very familiar with the subject. I also figured it was easy enough for everyone in the group to have access to it so we should do it on google slides. That way I could share it and everyone could help create it. Being in front of a crowd was never too hard for me. I did get nervous and then I would talk really fast. So for this presentation, I told myself I was going to slow down. Take my time when I spoke to the audience. After I slowed down I felt I had more control in my presentation.

In our Presentation Zen book, I learned that you need to be in control of your presentation. There are many steps in doing so. You need to think outside the box on a piece of paper. No internet or other people to distract you from creating something truly yours. Then you would need to figure out how you’re going to present it, who you are presenting to, and what you should say to make them feel intrigued in your story. From one presentation to the other I feel I made it more personal, and more relatable as Presentation Zen told me to do. By doing this my audience was intrigued by my story.

To continue giving successful presentations, I will remain being more prepared with my subject and learn everything I can about the topic. I will also become engaged with my audience and give them a story they can relate to. Give them something so that they don’t think it’s just a boring presentation.